Semi Truck Locking Fuel Caps & Anti-Siphons

June 29, 2008

As you know, diesel fuel prices are up around $4.75 a gallon, and I don’t really believe fuel prices are ever going down. To fuel a 300-gallon truck is around a $1500 investment, and it can easily be taken away from you in 20 minutes or less. Would you honestly leave $1500 on your doorstep and hope no one would pick it up in the middle of the night? This is what you do every time you leave your truck unguarded. Without some kind of fuel protection device, your fuel will be stolen.

The fuel cap is one item that is taken for granted. For example, a regular OEM Peterbilt fuel cap will cost in the neighborhood of $80 to $100. Ask yourself, how hard is it to remove that cap? They get stolen everyday. The standard Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, and other brands run between $40 and $100 for an OEM cap. Here again is another example of something unguarded that any thief could steal from you. This is another perfect example of how a fuel theft device will help you.

With the use of a fuel theft device, you can assure yourself that your fuel will probably be there in the morning, that you won’t have to put more fuel in your truck in the morning, and that someone won’t put a foreign substance in your tank to put you out of business. We live in a cruel world, and make no mistake, a fuel thief won’t skip your truck just because you’re a nice person. We here at Global Trucker have 2 different models of locking fuel caps and one style of anti-siphon devices. Don’t get your diesel stolen again, get yours today!


Vu Qube Portable Tailgating Satellite TV Antenna

May 21, 2008

With the innovative, ultra-portable VuQube satellite antenna you can now take your shows anywhere your life takes you. The VuQube offers a quick and convenient way to enjoy your favorite sporting events or shows whether you are hitting the open road for a weekend away, tailgating at the big game, or hosting a barbeque in the back yard with family and friends.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-portable – lightweight with built in ergonomic handle
  • Self-contained – no assembly or tear down
  • Signal co-axial cable – powered from satellite receiver
  • Dynamic dish leveling – allows the VuQube to be set on unlevel surfaces
  • Wireless remote – easily elevate and rotate dish to find signal

Included with purchase of the VuQube

  • VuQube Satellite Antenna System
  • Remote to position antenna
  • Wiring and cables
  • DVB for positive satellite identification (only with the V20 model)
  • FREE Shipping!!
  • $20 Gift Card to Included!!

Additional equipment needed to watch TV

  • Subscription to service provider (i.e. DISH Network, DIRECTV, Bell ExpressVu)
  • Satellite TV receiver
  • Television

The true power of the VuQube Satellite Antenna is its portability and simple one person set-up. The VuQube antenna is self contained in a weather resistant enclosure. It requires no assembly or installation, just place the VuQube on the ground, in the back of your pick-up, on a picnic table or anywhere there is a clear view of the southern sky. Once positioned, run a single coaxial cable (provided with purchase) from the satellite receiver to the VuQube and use a wireless remote to move the motorized antenna dish inside the VuQube until you lock on to a signal. Get yours today at

Vu Qube Mobile Satellite Television Antenna

May 21, 2008

Your truck is your home on the road. With the Vu Qube Mobile Satellite TV Antenna your truck will feel more like home and less like you are on the road. The Vu Qube enables you to receive satellite programming anywhere you park your cab with a clear view of the southern sky, opening up hundreds of digital TV channels and radio stations.    
The Vu Qube V10 is the most cost- effective mobile random covered satellite antenna on the market. Its low price and ease of installation make it a perfect choice for the long-haul trucker. Using the innovative FastFind wireless remote to position the antenna, satellite signal acquisition takes less than 5 minutes! Another innovative feature of the Vu Qube V10 is how it is powered. Because the antenna receives power from the DBS receiver, only a single coaxial cable is installed. Great for both semi trucks and rv’s alike. Get yours today at

CB Radios

May 2, 2008

Here you will find the CB Radio you need. Don’t get stuck in a traffic jam without a good CB Radio at hand to acquire the critical information you need. We have CB Radios to suit any trucker’s needs! Not a trucker? Get a CB Radio if only to listen to them and get the info you need during emergencies while on that lonely, open road! We try to carry some of the best CB Radios on the market today including Uniden, Connex, Galaxy, Cobra, Midland, and more. If we don’t have the CB Radio you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll find it for you.                    Connex Radios

Global Trucker is the first place to check when you need to buy a CB Radio on the internet! We try to keep stock of the best CB Radios including manufacturers such as Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Connex, Midland, Texas Ranger and more! If you are looking for the best price on a CB Radio…welcome home! We sell ONLY brand new, in-the-box CB Radios, don’t go to eBay and take a chance of getting ripped off! We are THE place for CB’s on the web today!

12 Volt Fans Help You Stay Cool While Driving

April 23, 2008

Whether your a trucker, RVer or just a vacationer, chances are its going to be hot this Summer. A 12 volt fan will help keep you cool with the air conditioner on and also with it off. Perhaps your a/c doesn’t work like what happened to me on a Summer vacation I took 3 years ago. We were just getting ready to leave out and all of a sudden the air conditioner goes dead. I said lovely, just what I needed. I didn’t have my website back then so I had to go to Wal-Mart to purchase a 12 volt fan. It was a little warm and extra noisy that trip but it was well worth it! So if your planning to take a road trip anytime soon, why not stop by Global Trucker and check out our line of 12 volt fans, chances are you’ll be glad you did…….

Endless Breeze 12 Volt Fan

12 Volt Accessories SuperStore

April 7, 2008

If you are a trucker looking for Semi Truck Accessories, CB Radios, Trucker 12 Volt Products, Steering Wheel Covers, Atlases & Road Maps, Semi Truck Seating Solutions, or anything else pertaining to truckers, you’ve made it home!

If you’re looking for 12 Volt Accessories, you’ve come to the right place! Global Trucker wants to be your destination for all your 12 Volt Accessories needs online! We carry all the top brands like RoadPro, Burton, MarinePro, Conair and many, many more…  Burton 12 volt Lunchbox to Go Cooker

Your Online Leader for Tailgating Supplies

March 29, 2008

We here at Global Trucker carry a wide variety of tailgating supplies to help you throw your next big party. With a variety of logod items like coolers to help carry your favorite beverage in to portable bbq grills to help cook up that great tailgate feast. We also carry portable satellite antenna receivers to help you catch the next game wherever you are. To help give you some shade while eating, we carry team canopy tents and tailgate lawn chairs to give you  a place to sit while eating your meal. When you finally finish and are ready to go into the game we have you takencategory113.jpg care of there as well. To give you some relief from those hard bleachers in stands we carry team logod seat cushions and team logod throw blankets to help keep you warm at the same time. With so many tailgating supplies to choose from theres no need to shop anywhere else. See you soon and keep on trucking..

Kansas Jayhawks Merchandise SuperStore

March 25, 2008

Get all your Kansas Jayhawks merchandise here at We carry Kansas Jayhawks car floor mats, flags, watches, clocks and more. We also carry Kansas Jayhawks dynasty banners, rugs, and hoop sets. All of our Kansas Jayhawks golf merchandise is officially licensed as well as our Kansas Jayhawks tailgating supplies. Head to the next big game in style with a Kansas Jayhawks license plate, trailer hitch or Glass Tatz product today!

nor5kanjay-051hfa.jpg st-co3-ksj-dwclock-l.jpg lw-co3-ksj-hclip-l.jpg

Duke Blue Devils Merchandise

March 20, 2008

Get all your Duke Blue Devils merchandise here at We carry Duke Blue Devils car floor mats, flags, watches, clocks and more. We also carry Duke basketball dynasty banners, rugs, and hoop sets. All of our Duke Blue Devils golf merchandise is officially licensed as well as our Duke Blue Devils tailgating supplies. Head to the next big game in style with a Duke Blue Devils license plate, trailer hitch or Glass Tatz product today!


NCAA Lettermans Club Cooler Golf Cart Bags

March 19, 2008

Show your teams allegiance with one of these NCAA Letterman’s club cooler golf cart bags. These NCAA cart bags sport four prominently displayed trademarks of your favorite team. The bag is outfitted with an elevated 9-inch top and 14 individual club dividers, giving you plenty of room for your driver, woods, hybrid clubs, irons, and wedges. The external putter well, meanwhile, keeps your putter fully accessible in a pinch. Best of all, the bag offers a ton of pockets to hold your extra gear, including eight front-facing zippered pockets (including a velour-lined valuables pocket), six mesh pockets, and an insulated cooler pocket for storing pop, beer, and other cold beverages. The cooler pocket even includes a drainage system, so you can keep the ice water from building up. Get your favorite NCAA Letterman’s Club Cooler Cart Bag from Global Trucker today!

  • Insulated cooler pocket with drainage system12ccb.jpg
  • Elevated 9” top with 14 individual club dividers
  • External putter well
  • 8 Front-facing zippered pockets, including a velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 6 Mesh pockets that provide additional storage for your cell phone, water bottle, score card, camera, glove, etc.
  • Removable rain hood
  • Umbrella holder
  • Towel ring
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Two upper handles to assist in placing bag on golf cart
  • One lower handle for ease of lifting bag into horizontal storage
  • 840D Nailhead nylon construction provides protection from wear, tear and the elements
  • 4 Prominently displayed embroidered collegiate trademarks allow you to boldly show support for your university 07ccb.jpeg