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Semi Truck Accessories for the Inside and Outside

July 17, 2008

Big Rig Cab Interior Accessories

Just because you’re on the road more often than you’re at home is no reason that you shouldn’t be surrounded with personalized comforts. In fact, it’s precisely for this reason that you should take time to personalize your cab with as many individual touches as possible. Whether you want jazz up your cab with custom seat cushions or steering wheel covers or just install your favorite electronics such as MP3 players or DVD monitors, you’ll find a great selection of interior cab accessories at

Global Trucker, a site devoted to trucking accessories, offers everything from chrome accessories to luggage specifically tailored for a trucker’s lifestyle. The selection of interior accessories on the site, however, is truly unique.

For instance, the 12-volt Nocord SummerSeat Self-Cooling Seat Cushion is both unique and useful for truckers who have ever found themselves sweating through the summer heat and stuck to their uncomfortable seats. The seat, which sells on the site for $59.99, can be charged via the cab’s cigarette lighter and also comes with an AC adaptor. Truckers can adjust the temperature of the seat and remain comfortable in its Microfiber and adjustable design.

But if you want the comfort without the cool, Global Trucker also has a selection of seating enhancements, like the AIRHAWK Comfort Seating System, a cushion designed specifically to relieve back problems of those who sit for hours on end. Additionally, for those who would rather be warm than cool, massage cushions with heating devices included are available. The cushions, which come in either upper back or full seat cover models, can be adjusted easily by remote. A selection of air mattresses is also available.

For those who want to add a little flash and pizazz to their cabs, Globe Trucker also offers a variety of products designed to add a little flare to your home away from home. Included in this selection is the Roadpro 12-Volt Purple Neon Ash Tray, steering wheel covers that offer a comfortable grip and several designs and colors, and a privacy curtain. And for the those who would rather have clean than snazzy, Globe Trucker offers a litter bag with disposable liners.

Though comfort and aesthetics are two of the most important categories of interior cab accessories, these are not the only types of products available on Global Trucker. A selection of other products, ranging from arm rests and pillows to organizers and air purifiers are available on the site.

Whether you’re looking for comfort or necessity, style or utility, Global Trucker is a web site that boasts variety and versatility. Truckers can browse a wealth of products that can be easily ordered online, many of which have warranties or guarantees. Though truckers are often more concerned with their cargo and what’s under the hood than what’s in the cab, truckers’ comfort and happiness with their workspace is often reflected in their performance. In order to make that workspace their own, truckers can visit many different sites on the web, but Global Trucker’s easy to use format and variety of products make it a great place for truckers to visit.


12 Volt Fans Help You Stay Cool While Driving

April 23, 2008

Whether your a trucker, RVer or just a vacationer, chances are its going to be hot this Summer. A 12 volt fan will help keep you cool with the air conditioner on and also with it off. Perhaps your a/c doesn’t work like what happened to me on a Summer vacation I took 3 years ago. We were just getting ready to leave out and all of a sudden the air conditioner goes dead. I said lovely, just what I needed. I didn’t have my website back then so I had to go to Wal-Mart to purchase a 12 volt fan. It was a little warm and extra noisy that trip but it was well worth it! So if your planning to take a road trip anytime soon, why not stop by Global Trucker and check out our line of 12 volt fans, chances are you’ll be glad you did…….

Endless Breeze 12 Volt Fan

12 Volt Accessories SuperStore

April 7, 2008

If you are a trucker looking for Semi Truck Accessories, CB Radios, Trucker 12 Volt Products, Steering Wheel Covers, Atlases & Road Maps, Semi Truck Seating Solutions, or anything else pertaining to truckers, you’ve made it home!

If you’re looking for 12 Volt Accessories, you’ve come to the right place! Global Trucker wants to be your destination for all your 12 Volt Accessories needs online! We carry all the top brands like RoadPro, Burton, MarinePro, Conair and many, many more…  Burton 12 volt Lunchbox to Go Cooker